Hyperbaric oxygen therapy – well kept Hollywood secret!

Have you ever looked at yourself right after some intense workout? You probably noticed that, all over your body, skin simply shines. Skin is after such intense workout all pinky and firm. Which proves that the oxygen-enriched blood had reached even the most exposed sections of outer skin cells. Cell membrane damage, age alterations, sagging skin,… – appearance of all these ailments visually improves, when skin is well vascularized and enriched with oxygen.

Most people often put their focus on cardiovascular benefits of physical workout, which is very important. True. But whatever ensures healthy blood circulation, in the same time provides health and also beauty to your skin. Improvement of blood circulation causes a serious boost in cell oxygenation and consequently much nicer appearance of dull and wrinkled skin. It even diminishes age spot visibility (a.k.a. lentigo senilis).

All the above drives top actresses and actors, top models,…, who’s skin is constantly under stage light and public ‘microscope’, to make the very best use of all possible ‘widgets’ that can improve quality of their appearance and health in general. One of the leading tools for this is hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

You can experience all these positive effects of Hyperbaric oxygen therapy at RR Medical.