HBOT and sports/physical regeneration

In the last 10 years, the hyperbaric oxygen therapy has become popular among top and also recreational athletes, who use the oxygen therapy to help themselves after intense trainings and in rehabilitation after sports injuries.

Oxygen joins with pyruvic acid in the cells and forms adenosine triphosphate, which releases energy in cells. After intense trainings, when there is an oxygen deficiency, pyruvic acid turns into lactic acid, the consequence of which are tired and sore muscles. With the hyperbaric therapy we supply much more oxygen to the muscles and thus prevent the formation of lactic acid. In this way we enable a faster recovery to an athlete and a better regeneration after an intense workout.


The reality of today’s recreational and top sports is the presence of sports injuries. The question is not just if there will be an injury, but rather when and to what extent. With the hyperbaric oxygen therapy we want to achieve good fitness levelw with athletes beside good and quick regeneration after practice and thus, above all, prevent sports injuries. In case such an injury occurs, we than achieve a much better and faster treatment, rehabilitation and return to sport venues. The hyperbaric oxygen treatment is recommended with injuries of ligaments, tendons, meniscus, joint capsules, spinal discs, bones, muscles and other soft tissues.